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Storage Tank Closure Assessment

Storage tanks, whether located underground or above-ground, that hold No. 2 heating oils and have capacities below 1100 gallons fall outside the regulatory purview of NYSDEC, Suffolk County Department of Health, and Nassau County Department of Health.

However, it is imperative to notify both the NYSDEC and relevant local authorities before proceeding with the removal of registered or unregistered tanks. A pre-work notification, spanning 30 days, must be submitted to the NYSDEC before initiating the tank removal process.

Prior to the actual tank removal, several preparatory steps are necessary. These encompass the emptying, venting, and cutting open of the tank. Subsequently, the tank's interior must be thoroughly cleaned before its extraction using a backhoe. This extraction phase should also entail the removal of any associated vent and fill pipes.

Conclusively, the tank should be transported to a metal recycling facility. It is pivotal to include a copy of the manifest in the tank closure report.

For project timelines, the typical duration does not generally exceed 2 days, with actual time contingent on the tank's size. Specifically, residential 275-gallon tanks necessitate just half a day for removal

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