Tank Removal

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Reliable Tank Removals

Do you need an underground or above-ground tank removed? Alpha-Hydro Environmental Services Inc has performed many tank removals throughout NYC and Long Island. Project times typically do not exceed 2 days depending on size, and residential 275-gallon tanks only take about half a day.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a service, please get in touch with our experienced team. We strive to offer you the high-quality service you deserve at a great price.

Superior Tank Removal Services

Underground and above-ground storage tanks containing No. 2 heating oils with capacities below 1100 gallons are not regulated by the NYSDEC, Suffolk County Department of Health and Nassau County Department of Health.

The NYSDEC and all respective localities must be informed prior to removing all registered and unregistered tanks. A 30-day, pre-work notification must be submitted to the NYSDEC prior to the commencement of your tank's removal.

Prior to your tank's removal, it should be emptied, vented, and cut open. Once the tank is open, the interior should be cleaned. The tank can then be removed. All associated vent and fill pipes should also be removed at this time.

Finally, the tank should be transported to a metal recycling facility. A copy of the manifest should be included in the tank closure report.
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