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Soil & Groundwater Contamination.

Updated: Aug 29

A waste pit laden with discarded auto repair parts was identified at a specific site located in Brooklyn, a borough of New York City. Recognizing the urgency of addressing this environmental concern, a comprehensive cleanup operation was launched. This endeavor was set into motion following the issuance of a Spill number by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) – a regulatory step aimed at tackling situations of this nature.

As part of the cleanup process, a multidimensional strategy was deployed to remediate the waste pit effectively. The collaborative effort encompassed not only the removal of contaminated soil but also the extraction of assorted debris, spare parts from vehicles, and even red bricks that had accumulated within the pit over time. The amalgamation of these elements had led to a compounded environmental challenge, warranting a systematic approach to ensure a thorough resolution.

Approximately 20 yards of soil, heavily tainted by contaminants and intermingled with the diverse assortment of materials, underwent careful extraction. This delicate task was executed with precision to ensure that the remediation efforts left no trace of pollutants behind. Subsequently, the collected materials were safely transported to a waste recycling facility sanctioned by the relevant authorities. This facet of the operation underscores the commitment to environmentally responsible waste management practices, wherein the salvaged materials are recycled and repurposed rather than contributing to landfill accumulation.

By addressing this waste pit issue through the coordinated efforts of regulatory agencies, cleanup specialists, and waste management facilities, a significant stride was taken toward restoring the affected site's environmental integrity. Such comprehensive actions exemplify the collective responsibility to safeguard the environment and promote sustainable practices within local communities.

View of Waste Pit during cleanup

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